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Industrial style: lighting for your kitchen decorating ideas

Do you need some inspiration for your kitchen decorating ideas? We have prepared a special selection for you. Take a look, and get inspired! {vintageindustrialstyle}

43 Stylish Industrial Designs For Your Home

 Industrial design is all about displaying building materials that  are traditionally concealed. It’s all about raw, unfinished look, exposed pipes and ducts, exposed brick walls, timber roof trusses and steel columns… Selecting pieces that are as much about function as style. Industrial showcases neutral tones, utilitarian and functional objects, wood and metal surfaces.

“Warehouse look” recently has taken the design world by storm.  And the inspiration for this look comes from buildings with historic pasts, barns, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The practice of restoring these kinds of buildings into swanky condos and chic office spaces is on the rise.
Now you are probably wondering how you can incorporate industrial style into your traditional home. Well, like always, the catch is in details. For example, industrial element that looks wonderful in the contemporary house is use of wrought iron, brushed nickel, copper or cast iron metals. You can add these materials in the form of small details like lighting fixtures, cabinet and doorknob hardware or small pieces of furniture like metal coffee table.


Beautiful house in the woods

25 Absolutely Charming Black Kitchen

They Took an Old Attic and Transformed it Into Loft 9B, an Ultra Modern Living Space

Most attics are dark, dusty and just plain creepy, but interior designer Veneta Nikolova and architect Dimitar Karanikolov have transformed one into Loft 9B, an ultra modern living space in Sofia, Bulgaria. To make the most of a small area, a large dark cube conceals the bathroom that sits on top of the building's elevator shaft, and the cube's walls are just 16mm thin, with custom made concrete panels on the inside. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


How To Efficiently Arrange The Furniture In A Small Living room

So you’ve moved into a place that has a small living room. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, some say that a smaller living room will feel a lot more inviting and comfortable than a larger one so, you see, you might actually be lucky. But you still have to deal with one tiny problem. Arranging all the furniture in this small living room.

Interior design { Color Palette }

Interior Design { Apartment in St. Petersburg }

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, this contemporary apartment was recently designed by Pavel Isaev.


Interior Design { 7 Breathtaking Bathrooms }

Unabashedly celebrating an often overlooked space, interior designers and architects understand both the technicalities and the art of transforming the bathroom into a place of beauty.

Interior Design
Makalenin kaynağı Interior Design

Interior Design { Your Interior Garden }

Plants are your home's best friend. Unfortunately, the more bad experiences you have with plants (in other words, how many of them die at your hand), the more likely you are to push them to the back burner or forget about them altogether. However, we know that plants make us happier, helps us recharge and even be more productive - moreover - adding some greenery to your home office will make it more friendly and less empty.

interior design { Industrial style bedrooms }

Industrial style bedrooms feature a minimalistic, clutter free aesthetic that is very trendy and looks especially fabulous in lofts and apartments but can even look great in your house. The design scheme mainly focuses on blending rough and raw materials with clean and streamlined furnishings and decor. When designing your space, it should feel open and airy, a showpiece to everything that relates to industry and fabrication. There are things you should consider when styling your room for an industrial look, such as the lighting, what to use on the walls and flooring, furnishings and even adding plants. Typically industrial is considered masculine, but it can be given a feminine touch using the right colors and accessories. When selecting your light fixtures, be sure to keep with the industrial by picking lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers in black and white or metal. You can use pendants with exposed wires and bulbs, but use softer lumens to create a dimmer ambiance with a soothing glow.


Interior Design { Shades Of Gray }

You can conceal it or make it radiant, but you have to acknowledge the wonderful shade of gray. The shade presents an ambiance of harmony and equilibrium. It’s secure and serene and projects individuality like in this particular home. This home’s décor by Shoko design. is actually a neutral shade as gray is a chameleon, and can take on any facade you prefer.

The artistry of the color gray is prevalent throughout the home. It’s used so brilliantly, the color even manages to permeate the bedroom, which is normally a no-go for this demure shade. The various shades of gray used are everything from an ashen pewter shade to a smoky hue. Traditional, yet chic furnishings give the room a stylish ambiance while remaining subtle and sophisticated. The mix of textures, like the patterned bed throw and velvety bedroom bench, take full advantage of the color gray’s neutrality; thereby, creating a quaint environment. The room is spared any overcrowding completing the overall theme of balance and sedateness. Beautifully designed accent pillows complete the look together with random pieces of art and task lighting.


Interior Design { How to Hang Art Above the Sofa }

Now this one may not have any specific tips on why you should hang your pictures in a certain order, but it certainly gives some great ideas on different hanging orders to make your room look great.

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Ev Reçeli {Orman Meyveli Ev Reçeli }


3 su bardağı çilek
1 1/2 su bardağı yaban mersini
1 1/2 su bardağı ahududu
3/4 su bardağı organik şeker
bir limon kabuğu
2 çay kaşığı limon suyu


1- Bütün meyvelerinizi ayıklayıp yıkayıp süzün,
2-Hepsini tencereye alıp üzerlerine şekeri dökün ve meyvelerin suyunu bırakması için 5-6 saat bekletin.

3-Kısık ateşte meyveler yumuşayıncaya kadar ara sıra karıştırarak pişirin
4-Üzerinde oluşan köpükleri ara sıra delikli kepçe yardımıyla üzerinden alın.
5-Reçel kıvamını alınca üzerine limon suyunu ve limon kabuklarını ilave edip beş dakika daha kaynatın.

6-Reçelinizi Kavanozlara alın ve ağzı açık bir şekilde soğumaya bırakın.
7-Reçelinizi kavanozlarda iyice soğuduktan sonra ağzını kapatın. Reçeliniz artık yenmeye hazır. 

Afiyet Olsun.

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