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43 Stylish Industrial Designs For Your Home

 Industrial design is all about displaying building materials that  are traditionally concealed. It’s all about raw, unfinished look, exposed pipes and ducts, exposed brick walls, timber roof trusses and steel columns… Selecting pieces that are as much about function as style. Industrial showcases neutral tones, utilitarian and functional objects, wood and metal surfaces.

“Warehouse look” recently has taken the design world by storm.  And the inspiration for this look comes from buildings with historic pasts, barns, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The practice of restoring these kinds of buildings into swanky condos and chic office spaces is on the rise.
Now you are probably wondering how you can incorporate industrial style into your traditional home. Well, like always, the catch is in details. For example, industrial element that looks wonderful in the contemporary house is use of wrought iron, brushed nickel, copper or cast iron metals. You can add these materials in the form of small details like lighting fixtures, cabinet and doorknob hardware or small pieces of furniture like metal coffee table.


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