Pazartesi, Ekim 17, 2016

Interior Design { Shades Of Gray }

You can conceal it or make it radiant, but you have to acknowledge the wonderful shade of gray. The shade presents an ambiance of harmony and equilibrium. It’s secure and serene and projects individuality like in this particular home. This home’s décor by Shoko design. is actually a neutral shade as gray is a chameleon, and can take on any facade you prefer.

The artistry of the color gray is prevalent throughout the home. It’s used so brilliantly, the color even manages to permeate the bedroom, which is normally a no-go for this demure shade. The various shades of gray used are everything from an ashen pewter shade to a smoky hue. Traditional, yet chic furnishings give the room a stylish ambiance while remaining subtle and sophisticated. The mix of textures, like the patterned bed throw and velvety bedroom bench, take full advantage of the color gray’s neutrality; thereby, creating a quaint environment. The room is spared any overcrowding completing the overall theme of balance and sedateness. Beautifully designed accent pillows complete the look together with random pieces of art and task lighting.


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