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interior design { Industrial style bedrooms }

Industrial style bedrooms feature a minimalistic, clutter free aesthetic that is very trendy and looks especially fabulous in lofts and apartments but can even look great in your house. The design scheme mainly focuses on blending rough and raw materials with clean and streamlined furnishings and decor. When designing your space, it should feel open and airy, a showpiece to everything that relates to industry and fabrication. There are things you should consider when styling your room for an industrial look, such as the lighting, what to use on the walls and flooring, furnishings and even adding plants. Typically industrial is considered masculine, but it can be given a feminine touch using the right colors and accessories. When selecting your light fixtures, be sure to keep with the industrial by picking lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers in black and white or metal. You can use pendants with exposed wires and bulbs, but use softer lumens to create a dimmer ambiance with a soothing glow.


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